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Links to my ontd_p posts

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Links to my ontd_p posts

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So, I've posted quite a bit to ontd_political in the past few months. I thought I'd just link to those (many, LOL) posts here. (A friend of mine has been having me send her the links, so I thought I'd post them here, too.)

(1) Migrant crisis: UN says Europe is 'on cusp of self-induced crisis'. (Posted 3/02/2016)

(2) In a (sort of) 'part two' to my earlier post on the migrant crisis in Europe... Angela Merkel's CDU suffers German state election setbacks. (Posted 03/3/2016)

(3) Poverty, inequality fuelling suicide crisis, First Nations leader says (i.e. this is on the awful treatment of indigenous peoples in Canada). (Posted 03/13/2016)

(4) BDS in the US: Boycott Israel movement gains support. (Posted 3/16/2016)

(5) Ireland marks 100th anniversary of Easter Rising. (Posted 3/28/2016)

(6) More aboriginal women allege abuse at hands of Quebec provincial police (i.e. this is another post on the awful treatment of indigenous peoples in Canada). (Posted 3/31/2016)

(7) China's human rights record isn't just terrible: it's monstrous. (Posted 04/03/2016)

(8) Sexual abuse and rape by U.N. peacekeepers. (Posted 04/06/2016)

(9) The Koch brothers and ALEC (i.e this was on dark money in U.S. politics). (Posted 04/11/2016)

(10) South Sudan: A forgotten conflict? (Posted 04/12/2016)

(11) The Earth Is Tipping Because of Climate Change. (Posed 04/13/2016)

(12) Returning home is a mixed blessing for victims of Boko Haram (i.e. this dealt, among other things, with the origins of Boko Haram in Nigeria). (Posted 04/26/2016)

(13) Dennis Hastert, ex-US House speaker, sentenced to 15 months in jail (i.e. "A federal judge has sentenced Dennis Hastert to 15 months in prison, calling the former House Speaker "a serial child molester" who tried to cover up his abuse with hush money"). (Posted 04/27/2016)

(14) Some information on teenage pregnancy (i.e. dealt with this issue around the world). (Posted 06/09/2016)

(15) Neighbour describes dog attack on woman killed in her backyard (i.e. dealt partly with the issue of breed-specific legislation or the banning of specific dog breeds). (Posted 06/10/2016)

(16) Australia's incredibly brutal treatment of migrants. (Posted 06/14/2016)

(17) Western tobacco companies remain the worst (i.e. dealt partly with the fact that, with cigarette smoking rates declining in Western countries, Western tobacco companies have targeted the young in poorer countries). (Posted 06/16/2016)

(18) Auschwitz SS trial: Will Hanning case be Germany’s last? (Posted 06/17/2016)

(19) Women and sexual harassment. (Posted 06/20/2016)

(20) Africa's (i.e. currently in Angola, DRC) yellow fever epidemic. (Posted 06/22/2016)

(21) E.U. Countries Warn Britain on ‘Brexit’: You’ll Pay if You Leave Us. (Posted 06/23/2016)

(22) The rise of Europe's far right (i.e. among other things, provides a guide on a great many of Europe's far right parties). (Posted 06/26/2016)

(23) Wife cake and evil water: the perils of auto-translation (i.e. this was pretty funny and dealt with the limitations of auto-translation software). (Posted 06/29/2016)

(24) Quebec racism (i.e. this dealt with racism and xenophobia in the province of Quebec, Canada). (Posted 07/04/2016)

(25) The Guardian view on war in Iraq: a country that we helped to ruin (i.e. I posted this in the wake of the tragic and cowardly bombing in Baghdad which killed 200 people). (Posted 07/04/2016)

(26) South Sudan 'back to war' says VP Riek Machar's spokesman (i.e. also see post no. 10 in this list for further background on this tragic conflict). (Posted 07/11/2016)

(27) Police racism is a common problem in western countries. (Posted 07/13/2016)

(28) Boris Johnson: How Britain's new foreign secretary has insulted the world (i.e. on Britain's new Foreign Secretary, the absolutely risible Boris Johnson). (Posted 07/14/2016)

(29) In news that shows that justice does not exist... Most Senior Police Officer In Freddie Gray Case Is Found Not Guilty Of Manslaughter. (Posted 07/18/2016)

(30) Qandeel Baloch, Pakistani social media star, and 'honor killings'. (Posted 07/20/2016)

(31) Ongoing anti-U.S. protests in China (i.e. anti-U.S. protests and some boycotting of goods from the Philippines are currently ongoing in China, in response to the South China Sea dispute, where the international tribunal at the Hague recently ruled in favor of the Philippines). (Posted 07/21/2016)

(32) Somalia attack: Twin car bombs explode by Mogadishu airport (i.e. the post also discusses the origins of Al-Shabaab). (Posted 07/26/2016)

(33) Ottawa man critically injured during arrest has died (i.e. racism, ableism on the part of Canadian police). (Posted 07/27/2016)

(34) Ice Bucket Challenge funds gene discovery in ALS (MND) research. (Posted 08/02/2016)

(35) On Canada's National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (i.e. this is another post on the awful treatment of indigenous peoples in Canada). (Posted 08/07/2016)

(36) Syria war: Why the battle for Aleppo matters. (Posted 08/10/2016)

(37) The puppy rescuers of Alexandria. (I try to post good news once in a while too. :-) (Posted 08/11/2016)

(38) UN calls for probe into Ethiopia protesters killings. (Posted 08/12/2016)

(39) They could have picked... (This was a pretty incredible article which really underlines the fact that Donald Trump is not an isolated phenomenon.) (Posted/8/13/2016)

(40) The government just quietly approved this enormous oil pipeline (i.e. this is the Dakota Access Pipeline Project in the United States, which was just approved and which is only seven (7) miles shorter than the Keystone XL pipeline would have been).

(41) Recent news in IS conflict and IS origins (i.e. this was a really long and detailed post which dealt with the factors involved in the genesis of the Islamic State/ISIS). (Posted 08/16/2016)

(42) Why the U.N. is being sued over Haiti's cholera epidemic (i.e. also includes a bunch of links I collated on Haiti's history). (Posted 08/24/2016)

(43) Finding Gobi: runner reunited with marathon companion dog (i.e. another happy animal story with much cuteness). (Posted 08/25/2016)

(44) Australians rally against refugee detention centers. (Posted 08/28/2016)

(45) Nigeria: Boko Haram fighters reported killed, while famine looms (i.e. among other things this talked about the fact that parts of Nigeria are now facing famine). (Posted 08/29/2016)

(46) Syria's war: Calls for sanctions over chemical weapons. (Posted 08/31/2016)

(47) 'Portugal's Schindler' is remembered, decades after his lifesaving deeds. (Posted 09/01/2016)

(48) Jared Fogle plans to sue parents of young girl he was convicted of abusing. (Posted 09/02/2016)

(49) Uncovering the brutal truth about the British empire. (Posted 09/03/2016)

(50) Mexican police accused of cover-up after killing 22 cartel suspects (i.e. also discusses the effects of the U.S. 'war on drugs' on Mexico, as well as the evidence suggesting that this policy doesn't work). (Posted 09/05/2016)

(51) 9/11 health crisis: death toll from illness nears number killed on day of attacks (i.e. this discusses the health impacts of their work on rescue workers at Ground Zero, post 9/11). (Posted 09/11/2016)

(52) Russian hackers leak Simone Biles and Serena Williams files. (Posted 09/14/2016)

(53) Kofi Annan vows to lead impartial Myanmar mission. (Posted 09/20/2016)

(54) One woman's lonely struggle against famine in Yemen. (Posted 09/23/2016)

(55) Royal tour tab: Canadians likely to pay big bill. (Posted 09/25/2016)

(56) Syria conflict: why truce was doomed to fail. (Posted 10/02/2016)

(57) The killer cats are winning! (Posted 10/09/2016)

(58) Battle for Mosul could create 'biggest humanitarian crisis in the world this year' (i.e. this is on the humanitarian dangers posed by the ongoing campaign to retake Iraq's second largest city from Islamic State/ISIL). (Posted 10/17/2016)

(59) Why is the world not talking about injustice in Kashmir? (Posted 10/18/2016)

(60) Access to culture and science still costs a whole lot of $$... (Posted 10/27/2016)

(61) Human Rights Watch: Boko Haram refugees in Nigeria raped by officials. (Posted 10/31/2016)

(62) 'We're still here': Life on the Pine Ridge Native American reservation. (Posted 11/03/2016)

(63) UN to probe US air raid that killed women and children. (Posted 11/07/2016)

(64) Journalism under surveillance in Canada. (Posted 11/15/2016)

(65) Indigenous women's long search for justice in Quebec, Canada. (Posted 11/18/2016)

(66) The world's most persecuted people? (This discusses the desperate plight of Myanmar's Rohingya people.) (Posted 11/24/2016)

(67) Orphaned kittens bring immeasurable joy to dementia patients. (Posted 11/26/2016)

(68) German lawyers seek criminal case against Syria's Assad. (Posted 11/29/2016)

(69) EU survey: 27% say rape sometimes acceptable. (Posted 11/30/2016)

(70) How Gambia's Yahya Jammeh lost his grip on power. (Posted 12/08/2016)

(71) America's Invisible Inferno (dealt with the horror that is solitary confinement). (Posted 12/09/2016)

(72) The latest tragic news from Aleppo, Syria. (Posted 12/13/2016)

(73) Have we learned anything? (This dealt with the terrible and shameful treatment of people trying to reach Europe.) (Posted 01/03/2017)

(74) When NOT to call 911... (Posted 01/03/2017)

(75) The Neo-Nazi murder trial revealing Germany's darkest secrets. (Posted 01/10/2017)

(76) Brazil prison riot: 'at least 30 dead' in Natal violence (i.e. this dealt with the many recent prison riots in Brazil and the state of Brazilian prisons). (Posted 01/15/2017)

(77) The (worldwide) growing problem of antimicrobial/antibiotic resistance. (Posted 01/18/2017)

(78) Netherlands government to counter Trump abortion funding ban. (Posted 01/25/2017)

(79) Silencing Pakistan's activists. (Posted 01/26/2017)

(80) #TheresaTheAppeaser trending in the U.K. (Posted 01/29/2017)

(81) Quebec mosque attacked. (Posted 01/29/2017)

(82) West Africa - from dictators' club to upholder of democracy. (Posted 01/31/2017)

(83) Black history month post: Alexandre Dumas. (Posted 02/01/2017)

(84) Black history month post: Wangari Maathai. (Posted 02/02/2017)

(85) Black history month post: did African-American slaves rebel? (Posted 02/03/2017)

(86) Black history month post: Afro-Latinos. (Posted 02/06/2017)

(87) Black history month post: Eartha Kitt. (Posted 02/08/2017)

(88) Black history month post: Black Canadians' long history of military service. (Posted 02/11/2017)

(89) Black history month post: Shaka, Zulu king. (Posted 02/15/2017)

(90) Black history month post: Bessie Coleman. (Posted 02/16/2017)

(91) Breaking news: blast hits Pakistan's Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Sufi shrine. (Posted 02/16/2017)

(92) Black history month post: Race in the US, Herstory. (Posted 02/17/2017)

(93) Black history month post: Hidden Figures (i.e. 'Hidden Figures' or how NASA hired its first black women 'computers'). (Posted 02/19/2017)

(94) Black history month post: Celia Cruz. (Posted 02/22/2017)

(95) Greece charges cleric with child refugees sexual abuse (i.e. this post was also about the terrible response to refugees trying to enter Europe). (Posted 02/22/2017)

I try to keep abreast of what's going on around the world (i.e. I also try to read from many sources) and that's pretty much where I get ideas for these posts. There are some really important things going on that we often don't hear about that much.
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