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July 17th, 2020

Given the fact that Yahoo/Geocities, in their infinite wisdom (*choke*, *splutter*, *cough*), have elected to delete all free websites from their webhosting service, I am posting the content of my two websites to my livejournal.

Comments can be sent to: soleiltropiques1@gmail.com
Coucher de Soleil's fanfic and Fanfic Favorites (formerly Geocities websites) can be found here...Collapse )

June 28th, 2019

Links to my ontd_p posts

So, I've posted quite a bit to ontd_political in the past few months. I thought I'd just link to those (many, LOL) posts here. (A friend of mine has been having me send her the links, so I thought I'd post them here, too.)

Cut for length...Collapse )
I try to keep abreast of what's going on around the world (i.e. I also try to read from many sources) and that's pretty much where I get ideas for these posts. There are some really important things going on that we often don't hear about that much.

PS: Livejournal's editor is such CRAP! I posted a single article about a hashtag trending in the UK (i.e. see post number 80) and this caused livejournal to assume I wanted to add that as a tag to this post for some unfathomable reason. And then it refused to let me remove it, having it pop up again and again after I deleted the stupid tag. ARGH!

tl;dr: I deleted the hashtag mark from the link to post number 80 because livejournal can really be total crap and using the actual number sign can lead to bad things.

October 6th, 2018

THE shithole country par excellence is now the United States of America.

Of course, it is now also on par with my shithole province of Quebec, where the new so-called government ('regime' would be more appropriate, to my mind) of the CAQ or Coalition Avenir Québec* will reportedly introduce a law banning civil servants, including teachers, from wearing any kind of religious symbol.

I want to leave this planet. Is there any way this would be possible? Any room on Mars?

*I now rename this party the 'Coalition pour l'avilissement du Québec'. If you understand French, look it up, it's appropriate IMO.
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