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My book reviews/critique de livres! :-)



July 17th, 2020

Given the fact that Yahoo/Geocities, in their infinite wisdom (*choke*, *splutter*, *cough*), have elected to delete all free websites from their webhosting service, I am posting the content of my two websites to my livejournal.

Comments can be sent to: soleiltropiques1@gmail.com
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June 28th, 2019

Links to my ontd_p posts

So, I've posted quite a bit to ontd_political in the past few months. I thought I'd just link to those (many, LOL) posts here. (A friend of mine has been having me send her the links, so I thought I'd post them here, too.)

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I try to keep abreast of what's going on around the world (i.e. I also try to read from many sources) and that's pretty much where I get ideas for these posts. There are some really important things going on that we often don't hear about that much.

PS: Livejournal's editor is such CRAP! I posted a single article about a hashtag trending in the UK (i.e. see post number 80) and this caused livejournal to assume I wanted to add that as a tag to this post for some unfathomable reason. And then it refused to let me remove it, having it pop up again and again after I deleted the stupid tag. ARGH!

tl;dr: I deleted the hashtag mark from the link to post number 80 because livejournal can really be total crap and using the actual number sign can lead to bad things.

July 24th, 2018

Disclosure: I am a former gymnast. I was never high level (not even close!) but I truly loved and still love the sport.

Trigger warnings: racism, misogynyCollapse )

June 28th, 2018

The Kinder Morgan pipeline is a proposed pipeline which would run from Alberta through British Columbia.

It has been very controversial. It has recently been approved by the Canadian federal government.

(1) It really isn't, to put it mildly, certain that this is the way to go.

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Poorly thought out petition

I like change.org but...

There are some misguided petitions on there sometimes.

An example was the following petition.

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Here is a link to an earlier post of mine, where I vented about just how much I loathe YouTube.

But here is a new issue I tried to raise with them.

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June 14th, 2018

These recommendations pages were first created and are run by me (Bea aka ‘Coucher de Soleil’) and my friend Angela. We are avid fanfic readers of a great many fandoms. Over our fanfic reading years we have come across many stories we liked, and a few we found truly amazing. While we can't remember them all (and while we haven't read every piece of fanfic out there), we want to be able to showcase a few that have stuck in our minds. In these recommendations pages, you will find a collection of stories and links. Whenever possible we have tried to link to an author's webpage, due to space considerations ('cause Angela likes the *epic*...). Grab a snack, and be prepared to sit for a while. :-) We encourage you to explore said authors sites because while we are mostly recommending only one or two of the stories specifically we generally find these authors to be quite good. Enjoy!

Please send us suggestions for additions to our fanfic list! Just send it to soleiltropiques1@gmail.com -and please include a short explanation of the fandom if it is not one of the more popular TV series or movies. We will also put your name as the person who suggested the piece in the first place. We do however reserve the right not to link to/post stories on this site if we truly don't believe they are worth it (i.e. we’re not difficult, but if it’s really terrible we wouldn’t be honest people if we recommended it :). We are now recommending stories written by authors whom we have not contacted. The reason for this being that we finally decided that linking to a publicly available web site was probably OK... ;) We will never, of course, post other people's stories on our site without their express permission. Also, if you see your story linked to on our pages and want us to remove it, just email us and we'll take the link off right away. :) Also, please note that this site is not spoiler protected in any way, shape or form. As things stand at the moment, it would be *way* too much of a headache for us to include spoiler warnings given the multiple fandoms involved.

Finally, ye olde obligatory disclaimers.

We do not own anything on this page. Authors have come up with the ideas for each of their stories, but various companies own the fandoms. These pages and the fanfic on them do not seek to infringe on any copyright, and we are not making any money off this. Furthermore, in some cases we do mention the fact that a fanfiction author now has published work to their credit. This statement is *not* to be taken as an endorsement or as a form of advertisement of their commercial work, we are not associated in any way shape or form with any commercial/for profit fiction, and we are not, under any circumstances, giving out information on where to locate the authors' published works. (Doing this (i) would be unethical, (ii) could get us in serious trouble, (iii) all we want is to state the fact of their being professional authors because we think it's kind of cool, and because we're happy for the authors in question. Thank you. :)

IMPORTANT: Some stories posted and/or linked to from these pages are of an adult nature. If you are under the age of majority in your country of residence, and/or if you do not wish to view this kind of material, we ask you to please read the non-adult material only. Adult stories have the notation NC-17 or R (R-rated stories are less explicit than NC-17 stories, but are still not suitable for minors) next to them below. Please note that following any of our links to stories rated R or NC-17 implies that you are, 1) of age in your area of residence, and 2) that you understand and accept that you are viewing material with explicit sexual or other content. Thank you.

Fanfiction Suggestions page (Fandoms beginning with the letters C to F)

June 13th, 2018

Fandoms C to F


Criminal Minds

  • Father's Day, Better Late than Never, and The Friendship Suggestion, by blythechild. Rated PG-13 to NC-17 (Spencer Reid/Emily Prentiss). Recommended by Bea.
    Spencer Reid had a wife and daughter that he kept from the team for seven years.
    NB: More fic by this author is recommended in this section (i.e. 'Criminal Minds') and can be found here.

  • Delicate Mechanisms of the Second Chance (The), by blythechild. Rated PG-13 (Spencer Reid/Emily Prentiss). Recommended by Bea.
    Author's summary: Reid is trying to date again. But his ex-wife re-enters the picture and screws everything up.
    NB: More fic by this author is recommended in the current (i.e. 'Criminal Minds') section and is also here.

  • How to Fight Loneliness, by MadLori (madlorific). R/NC-17 (Emily Prentiss/Spencer Reid). Recommended by Bea.
    Author's summary: Spencer Reid and Emily Prentiss have been married for about a year when an old friend pulls the team into a case in Dallas, Texas that will test their mettle and put them through the wringer.
    Bea's comments: Truly lovely fic - I wasn't sure about seeing these two characters being married and still working at the BAU together, but this author actually makes it WORK. All of the characters are spot on.
    NB: More fic by this author can be found here and at their livejournal.

  • Mistaken, by blythechild. NC-17 (Prentiss/Reid). Recommended by Bea.
    Author's summary: Everyone has assumptions about Spencer Reid. It's all anyone has because he's notoriously hard to categorize. Prentiss decides to delve deeper but isn't prepared for the confusing character that she discovers benear his twitches and quiks - it's almost as if he's two different people. Since all of her assumptions appear to be wrong, it's hard to trust her instincts, especially when her instincts tell her that she's becoming fascinated by someone who may be incapable of becoming fascinated in return.
    Bea's comments: Another really lovely fic. Lovely and humorous and faithful to the characters all at the same time.
    NB: More fic by this author is recommended in this section (i.e. 'Criminal Minds') and can be found here.

  • Morally Indefensible, by blythechild. NC-17 (Reid/Hotchner slash). Recommended by Bea.
    Author's summary: In this alternate version of present day, Reid is a disgraced former FBI agent from the White Collar Crime division who has been wrongfully convicted of the brutal murder of his partner, Elle Greenaway. Sent to a federal penitentiary and thrown in amongst other killers, he doesn't expect to survive too long until he catches the attention of a mercurial thief and gang leader named Hotch. Hotch offers Reid protection but he expects much in return, and ropes Reid into a paranoid plan to oust the prison warden. The more Reid sees of Hotch, the less he trusts him, and the more he realizes that his life is no longer his to control. Who do you trust when everyone is out for themselves, and how far will you go to ensure your own survival?
    NB: More fic by this author is recommended in this section (i.e. 'Criminal Minds') and can be found here.

  • One Cup, No Waiting, by blythechild. PG/G (Reid/Prentiss). Recommended by Bea.
    An alternate take on how Spencer Reid and Emily Prentiss could have met.
    NB: More fic by this author is recommended in this section (i.e. 'Criminal Minds') and can be found here.

  • One In A Million, by SillyOldThing. NC-17 (Reid/Prentiss). Recommended by Bea.
    Author's summary: A distraught Emily gets an unexpected visit. Reid has failed a friend in the past, but he's not going to be pushed away this time.
    Bea's comments: I'm recommending this because while some aspects seemed unrealistic to me, it was so much fun and so hilarious that I reread it several times.
    NB: More fic by this author can be found here.

  • One Night Only, by blythechild. NC-17(Reid/Prentiss). Recommended by Bea.
    Author's summary: Reid and Prentiss get stranded at a motel during a storm and decide to play Truth or Dare to pass the time. The results are both expected and unexpected.
    NB: More fic by this author is recommended in this (i.e. 'Criminal Minds') section and can also be found here.

  • Outward in the Same Direction, part 1, part 2, part 3, by dialectheart. NC-17 (Reid/Prentiss). Recommended by Bea.
    Author's summary: It's an oddly quiet, sweet thing that shouldn't work but does, and she tries not to analyse it any further that he makes her happier than she's been in years.
    NB: More fic by this author can be found at their livejournal.

  • Trajectory, by abvj. NC-17 (Spencer Reid/Emily Prentiss). Recommended by Bea.
    Author's summary: It is slow, the way they grow back together. Emily and Reid in the aftermath of season twelve as they attempt to reconcile certain truths they've been trying to outrun for years.
    NB: More fic by this author can be found here.

  • Wait...What? by blythechild. Rated R/NC-17 (Emily Prentiss/Spencer Reid). Recommended by Bea.
    Author's summary: Reid has been hiding something (but not really) and it blows Emily's mind when she discovers it.
    NB: More fic by this author is recommended in the current section (i.e. 'Criminal Minds') and is also here.

  • What Are You Thinking?, by blythechild. NC-17 (Reid/Prentiss, some Hotchner/Prentiss). Recommended by Bea.
    Author's summary: Emily Prentiss has a variety of personal fantasies. She considers them harmless and convenient in light of her career and general disappointment with real relationships. She's not looking for complications in her life. But a work indiscretion blurs the lines for her and leads to far more issues than she could have anticipated. All of a sudden, her fantasy life seems less harmless and more like a trap she's set for herself.
    NB: More fic by this author can be found here and is also recommended in this section (i.e. 'Criminal Minds').

  • Your Arms Feel Like Home, by AtLeastWeWontBeLonelyInHell. PG-13 (Spencer Reid/Emily Prentiss). Recommended by Bea.
    Author's summary: That night, she falls asleep easily. It's the first time in months and it's the first time her dream changes. Ian's cold blue eyes become warm hazel ones, and Ian's harsh grip, turns into Reid's gentle touch. And then it's not Ian any longer, it's Reid. Holding her softly in his arms, while he sways her over the dance floor like he did at JJ's wedding. The next morning, she wakes up with a smile instead of a scream.
    NB: More fic by this author can be found here.


(For crossovers involving the 'Daria' universe, see the crossover section here. Also, if you don't know what this series is/was, go here for information.)

Dark Angel

  • Friction, by Baloo. NC-17 (Max/Alec). Recommended by Angela.
    When Alec's little slip-up sends Joshua out to seek vengeance for Annie's death, it's up to Max and Alec to get to him before White does, and not kill each other in the process.
    Angela's comments: I chose this story because you can see the author's progression as a writer as well as it just being a dang good story.
    NB: More fic by this author can be found here.

  • Sensual Healing, part one, part two, part three, by Heather Ferguson. NC-17 (Max/Alec). Recommended by Angela.
    Max and Alec go to rescue some X7's, only things go very, very wrong. (Note that the links to this story seem to be down so we are linking to a web archive.)

DC Comics Universe

  • General/comics

    • Victory Bonds, by copperbadge. PG-13 (Clark Kent/Lois Lane). Recommended by Bea.
      Author's summary: The year is 1947, and Daily Planet front-pagers Clark Kent and "Louis" Lane are about to get the story of their careers, courtesy of the fledgling Justice League: the enigmatic Superman, the spy-turned-vigilante codenamed Bat, intelligence agent and newly minted Green Lantern Alan Scott, and Ambassador Diana, Princess of Themyscira.
      NB: More fic by this author can be found in ‘The Avengers’ section above as well as here.

  • Arrow (i.e. the CW TV show)

    • For fanfic related to the CW television show ‘Arrow’ please see under ‘Arrow’ above.

  • Batman

    • For crossovers involving the ‘Batman’ universe, go to the crossover section or click here.

  • Smallville (i.e. the CW TV show)

    • For fanfic related to this CW television show please see under ‘Smallville’ or go here.

  • Supergirl (i.e. the CW TV show)

    • For fanfic related to this CW television show please see under ‘Supergirl’ or go here.

  • Wonder Woman (2017 film)

    • For fanfic related to the 2017 film please see under ‘Wonder Woman’ or go here.


  • Three Parts Dead, by lolableu. NC-17 (Tris Pryor/Four). Recommended by Bea.
    Deals with post-Insurgent events and Tris' fear of intimacy.
    NB: More fic by this author can be found here.


  • John Chrichton was here, by Leathergirl. R het (John/Other). Recommended by Angela.
    This is a really nice back story for John, which takes glimpses and suggestions from the show and weaves a nice little spell.
    NB: More fic by this author can be found here.

  • New Constellations, by ChiMonkey. NC-17 (John/Chiana). Recommended by Angela.
    It starts with Crichton Kicks, it ends at Unrealized Reality, but everything in between and then some is different. Very AU and beautiful. This world is harsher than the series reality but still believable. WARNING: character death.
    NB: More fic by this author can be found here.

  • No Dominion, by Maayan. R (John/Aeryn, Zhann/Stark). Recommended by Angela.
    Moya's crew race against time to save Zhann and get thrown in the middle of a civil war in the process, with earth shattering consequences for John.

(For crossovers involving the 'Farscape' universe, see the crossover section here.)


  • Glue series, by Amythyst. NC-17 (Mal/Simon slash, BDSM and dark themes). Recommended by Angela.
    An amazing series of stories, which for all the angst is actually a story about healing and dealing. River wasn't the only person who suffered.
    NB: The link is to a webarchive. It gives the order of stories for this series as well as working links for most of the stories. For those story links which do not work, the stories can be found here (i.e. Amythyst was also known as rebecca).

  • Tetchy, by debchan. NC-17 (Simon/Jayne slash). Recommended by Angela.
    Declarations of war, escalating hostilities and peace treaties. This is the only Firefly story by Debchan. Considering I still giggle just thinking about this story, I hope she writes another.
    NB: Unfortunately this author's lj is now defunct. We will post a new link if we ever find one.

  • Wine glasses and wire cutters, by Fish and RSB. PG gen. Recommended by Angela.
    Another job goes all sideways again.

First Wave

(For crossovers involving the 'First Wave' universe, see the crossover section here. Also, if you don't know what this series is/was, go here for information.)

Forever Knight

  • Ardor, by Kate Keene. NC-17 (Lacroix/Nathalie). Recommended by Bea.
    Lucien Lacroix makes Nathalie Lambert's birthday wishes come true.
    NB: More by this author can be found here.

  • All the Rest is Silence, Silent Echoes, and Out of the Silence, by Dorothy Elggren. PG-13. Recommended by Bea.
    The very last episode of the series, titled 'Last Knight', had Tracy Vetter dying, and a close friend of Natalie's commiting suicide. Nick and Natalie decided to try Janette's 'cure' for vampirism, which involved Nick taking Natalie's blood. As a result, Natalie lay dying. Nick then asked his vampire 'master' Lacroix to kill him. Lacroix raised a stake above his head and aimed at Nick (whereupon the episode ended). These three stories, which follow one another, deal with what happened after 'Last Knight'.

  • The Darkness of the Soul, by Dorothy Elggren. R (Nick/Urs). Recommended by Bea.
    Another really good story where Nick and Urs try to deal with a lot of pain, and find that they have a lot in common.

  • Knight Confessions, by Carrie Krumtum. Rated R for some violence and implied rape. Recommended by Bea.
    When a young inmate dies under suspicious circumstances, Nick Knight accepts an undercover assignment in a prison.
    NB: More of Carrie's Forever Knight fanfic can be found here.

June 10th, 2018

Fanfic update

...Another fanfiction update!

NB: Please note that when I refer to fanfiction recommended in various sections, I am referring to the sections in the actual recommendations pages.

More under the cut...Collapse )

May 21st, 2018

I've been binge watching past 'Criminal Minds' seasons, since I only started watching in later seasons.

(Just as side note, the season finale episode for the latest season was absolutely terrible, in a really really stupid ending that totally came out of left field kinda way.)

But now that I've gone back and watched some earlier seasons, I need to vent about one episode which disturbed me, and not in a good way. (Watching this show, I expect to be disturbed by some of the content, because hey, serial killers. I didn't expect this episode though, which really crossed the line.)
Trigger warning: sexism, sexual assaultCollapse )

Please note the trigger warnings for sexism and sexual abuse/assault.
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