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My book reviews/critique de livres! :-)



July 17th, 2020

Given the fact that Yahoo/Geocities, in their infinite wisdom (*choke*, *splutter*, *cough*), have elected to delete all free websites from their webhosting service, I am posting the content of my two websites to my livejournal.

Comments can be sent to: soleiltropiques1@gmail.com
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June 28th, 2019

Links to my ontd_p posts

So, I've posted quite a bit to ontd_political in the past few months. I thought I'd just link to those (many, LOL) posts here. (A friend of mine has been having me send her the links, so I thought I'd post them here, too.)

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I try to keep abreast of what's going on around the world (i.e. I also try to read from many sources) and that's pretty much where I get ideas for these posts. There are some really important things going on that we often don't hear about that much.

PS: Livejournal's editor is such CRAP! I posted a single article about a hashtag trending in the UK (i.e. see post number 80) and this caused livejournal to assume I wanted to add that as a tag to this post for some unfathomable reason. And then it refused to let me remove it, having it pop up again and again after I deleted the stupid tag. ARGH!

tl;dr: I deleted the hashtag mark from the link to post number 80 because livejournal can really be total crap and using the actual number sign can lead to bad things.

November 27th, 2017

It's time for yet another of my fanfiction updates, apparently.

I have no life, LOL. :-)

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August 4th, 2017

...I'll preface this by stating that I was a fan of the CW's show Supergirl who followed the show pretty faithfully.

But no more!

Here is a summary of what happened, from The Daily Dot. (Another summary is here. I would really recommend reading both summaries if you're interested in knowing the 'why' of all this, as they have differing points of view.)

Basically, it seems that actor Jeremy Jordan derided LGBTQ fans of the show at SDCC. (Although I will concede he did eventually apologize, his initial apology at least was still tone deaf.)

The lead actress on the show, Melissa Benoist, laughed along with Jordan at SDCC, saying, 'That's really brave'.

Also, when a fan wrote an entirely polite letter to Benoist's publicist, detailing how hurtful this was to LGBTQ fans, the publicist responded by threatening to sue the fan in question.

When the lead actor/actress of a show (and the rest of the cast for that matter, who mostly doubled down on this rather than say, you know, hey that's too bad sorry about that -link to come later) act this way it makes me seriously ask myself whether I should watch this show.

I'm actually not LGBTQ myself, but I wholeheartedly support the community and this is NOT the way to go about things.

So Supergirl and its cast (with the exception of Katie McGrath who did answer respectfully during the SDCC panel) are cancelled, as far as I'm concerned, and good riddance!

(Also, a personal note to Ms. Benoist: you were wrong, and you should have admitted it. I do understand it can be hard to do this in life, but it's also a process which is of fundamental importance when it comes to NOT BEING AN ASSHOLE.)

March 30th, 2017

Fanfic Update! :-D

Time for another fanfiction recommendations update! And apparently I read a LOT, in a whole boatload of fandoms, LOL.

Fandoms are in alphabetical order.
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December 16th, 2016

Aujourd'hui, je pensais vous régaler avec une série de fait (réels!) vécus dans le transport en commun de ma ville.

(1) Assise dans l'autobus qui est bondé. Je tourne la tête à gauche, à droite... Et j'entrevois mon voisin, qui se tente de se récurer les narines avec son doigt.

Sans gêne aucune. (En l'occurrence, il faudra multiplier cet événement par un facteur de 100 afin d'avoir une réelle idée de sa fréquence.)

(2) Assise dans (à nouveau) dans l'autobus. Le jeune homme devant moi décide de faire un nettoyage de ses oreilles. En extrait la cire et la peau morte.

(3) Assise à une table lors d'une conférence. Ma jeune voisine décide non seulement d'extraire les détritus de ses oreilles, mais en plus elle construit un petit tas de ces matériaux devant elle, sur la table.

J'ai dû m'éloigner afin de ne pas avoir un haut-le-coeur.

(4) Encore dans l'autobus, en été. Jeune homme porte de lourds souliers qu'il décide d'enlever, afin de mieux extraire la crasse de ses ongles d'orteils.

(5) Assise (et oui, encore) dans l'autobus. Ma voisine crache dans sa main et jette à terre la flaque d'eau qui en résulte. À de multiples reprises. En essuyant la main sur son linge.

(6) Encore dans le transport en commun. Ma voisine ronge ses ongles. Et ronge ses ongles. Et ronge ses ongles durant tout le trajet. Que fait-elle de ses trognons d'ongle? Les a-t-elle jetés dans ma direction (voire sur moi!)?

Et oui. Les joies du transport en commun quand les gens ne comprennent pas l'idée de l'hygiène de base!
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