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soleiltropiques's Journal

Feel free to check out my book reviews at Goodreads.com: https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/7355786-coucher-de-soleil?shelf=read
Ce journal (blogue) comporte des pages en français car le français est ma langue maternelle. De plus, j'aime commenter l'actualité locale et nationale (je suis originaire du Québec) dans ma langue.
I am Canadian. I am an avid fanfiction reader who occasionally writes my own fic. I greatly enjoy science fiction (that might be obvious from my list of interests ;). So far I have written both Babylon 5 and BSG (2003 version) fanfic.

I also follow world events. I am very interested in history, politics etc. I like reading, literature (both in French and English since French is actually my mother tongue). I will probably have some entries in french in this journal. I don't consider myself an expert on these topics by any means but I am very interested in them and want to learn. To be completely honest, I created this journal in large part to be able to send feedback to the many pieces of fanfiction on livejournals that I couldn't even tell the authors I liked *without* having a livejournal account! ;) LOL.

Finally, while I don't delete anything by anyone posting to my journal, I can't guarantee that I'll reply politely if you're behaving like an ass here. Let's all try to be nice, all right? I promise to try and be as open-minded as I can about my own mistakes and failings, but go gently since I'm afraid I have a fragile ego. ;-)

Wow. And I thought I wouldn't have anything to write. LOL.